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CHUDAK Trading Company

Today, Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowe Chudak Spółka Jawna is a two-person company based on three companies, the oldest of which - PH Chudak Zbigniew delivered high-quality fuel coal to clients already since 1991. Our actions have always been characterized by reliability and professionalism. Coal sold by our company comes only from Polish mines. Coal is sold at several coal yards owned by the company. Their addresses can be found in the next tabs of the website. Coal can also be bought from our Commercial Office located in Śmigiel, ul. Orzeszkowej 27. We deliver coal to both retail and wholesale clients all over the country. We care about our business partners' satisfaction and mutual loyalty.

Our company is characterised by innovativeness. We have introduced solutions which proved to be novelty on the fuel market in Poland on numerous occasions. Our experience of over a decade and continuous investments in the company, economic potential and rich knowledge allow us to serve clients all over the country today. Our loading and transport infrastructure is well-developed and it is also modernized and invested in on a continuous basis.

Wholesale and retail fuel coal trade is the main area of our activities. At the same time, we offer international and domestic road transport services. We have a modern fleet of trucks with qualified drivers. We guarantee timeliness and reliability of order fulfilment. More information in the Transport tab.

The company also offers:

  • agricultural production articles, including fertilizers and feeds by domestic manufacturers such as LIRA and SANO. We meet all formal and veterinary conditions for the sale of medicated feeds.
  • construction materials with transport services. We have a self-unloading truck with a 9-m arm.
Dnia 25 maja 2010 Firma zakończyła projekt "Zwiększenie konkurencyjności P.H.Chudak S.J. poprzez zakup środków trwałych umożliwiających produkcję wysokowydajnych paliw stałych".
Projekt współfinansowany przez Unie Europejska z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa w ramach Wielkopolskiego Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego na lata 2007-2013.
CHUDAK Sp. J. - Biuro handlowe: 64-030 Śmigiel, ul. Orzeszkowej 27 tel/fax: 065 51 80 656
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