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Coal quality policy

We attach a lot of importance to the quality of the coal we offer. For this purpose, at our laboratory, we perform several analyses of coal, eco-pea and fine coal samples offered for sale. Our clients' satisfaction is the main factor that determines our sales actions. We provide quality declarations to our clients which we comply with – we specify the guaranteed minimal calorific value of the purchased coal in VAT invoices.  

We offer and provide coal meeting top-quality standards to wholesale and retail clients. Our business partners' satisfaction and loyalty are the most important for us. For this purpose, we perform detailed analyses of the coal we offer at our own laboratory. By introducing procedures regulating the quality management process, we offer constant repeatable quality parameters of the fuel coal offered.

Owing to modern devices, machines and coal processing lines with the use of top-quality raw materials, our products are characterized by the best quality parameters on the entire coal market in Poland.

We use our best efforts to maintain the established quality system. For this purpose, we ensure appropriate technical means on coal yards, improve technological process and entrust task to employees who guarantee the achievement of the adopted assumptions.

We try to serve our clients in accordance with the best commercial standards. Our team consists of professionals with rich experience in the coal sector and our sales system is developed in a way ensuring access to information about the product to clients at any time. We fulfil orders using our own loading and transport infrastructure, which is modernized on a regular basis and equipped with devices allowing us to monitor and optimize its operations.

Our business partners have access to shipping documents when goods are sold directly from railway carriages. It is yet another element of utmost care of our business partners' interests which is your confirmation and guarantee that the coal you buy comes directly from a mine.

Dnia 25 maja 2010 Firma zakończyła projekt "Zwiększenie konkurencyjności P.H.Chudak S.J. poprzez zakup środków trwałych umożliwiających produkcję wysokowydajnych paliw stałych".
Projekt współfinansowany przez Unie Europejska z Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego oraz z budżetu państwa w ramach Wielkopolskiego Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego na lata 2007-2013.
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